The holiday village "Alte Schmiede" blends idyllically into the rural surroundings of Usedom. The pretty settlement offers recreational guests a wonderful infrastructure and a central location to explore the island. Behind the pretty facades there is also an efficient hotel and restaurant business. Georg Zönnchen, who manages the holiday village together with his wife, uses modern software for this purpose. Last year, he purchased the TimePunch TEN time recording software for the "Alte Schmiede": The time saved and the advantages for his planning convinced him. Today he saves at least one day a month in the office during the season and can evaluate projects in a targeted manner and without great effort.

Sustainable enjoyment

Sustainable management and the least possible impact on the environment - for the Zönnchen couple this is right at the top of their list of priorities in their holiday village "Alte Schmiede". Since this year, the company has largely focused on Organic products are not only used in the village inn and sold in the farm shop, but are also partly cultivated on our own agricultural land. For many years the company has been baking bread and rolls itself, the spices are mixed by hand and no additives or flavour enhancers are used. The restaurant has over 80 seats as well as an additional 60 seats in the outdoor area, so that up to 140 guests can enjoy the fresh delicacies. In addition there are 15 apartments and 8 rooms on the spacious grounds of the holiday village. 15 part-time and full-time employees are then on duty to look after the well-being of the holiday guests.

Flexible time recording

The irregular working hours of the staff require detailed accounting. Until last year, every employee had to keep a time sheet. At the end of the month, managing director Georg Zönnchen was responsible for manually recording all hours and forwarding them to the tax consulting office for invoicing. He wanted to replace this time-consuming and error-prone activity with software and searched the Internet for a suitable solution. Three providers who offered time recording software were shortlisted. The extensive functionality and flexibility of TimePunch TEN finally convinced him. "I had a clear idea of what the software should offer in terms of functionality. TimePunch met these requirements and also offered interesting additional options in the area of project time recording". Essentially, his requirements included the following aspects:

  • Times should be automatically recorded and stored on a terminal with chip card
  • Manual corrections for errors should be possible
  • Hour-based and monthly statements should be possible in parallel
  • One time entry of all master data
  • Integrated vacation planning
  • Datev interface for transmitting times to the tax office
  • Remote time recording via app outside the terminal

Fast installation

The entrepreneur quickly decided in favour of the solution from the southern Hessian company. The installation and commissioning of the software was completed quickly: After receiving the license key, Georg Zönnchen downloaded the software and followed the installation instructions. He received the recording terminal and the 15 chip cards by post and installed them at a central location in the pub. The managing director then successively created all employees in the system and set up an account for each.

After only a short time, time recording via the terminal functioned smoothly. Georg Zönnchen first had a headache with just one setting, where he quickly accessed the software manufacturer's support. A short time later, this challenge was mastered. In addition, the managing director installed the TimePunch app on his mobile phone so that he could record his times remotely, regardless of location.

Idyllically the holiday village Alte Schmiede fits into the rural environment of Usedom.

Significant savings

All employees receive their own smartcard, which they use to register at the terminal. In addition to the start and end of work, all break times are also registered. This means that each service employee can decide for himself whether to take a longer or shorter break without being unfair to colleagues. The successful registration at the terminal is always accompanied by an acoustic signal so that the employee is sure that the times are recorded. At the end of the month, a random check of the times and, if necessary, a manual correction are sufficient before the data is exported and transmitted to the tax office. This paperless administration saves Georg Zönnchen a lot of time: "Before, the documentation of working times cost me at least one day in the office, today it doesn't take an hour anymore. Time recording via terminal is also much more transparent for employees.

Facts based planning

Beyond the aspect of payroll accounting, the TimePunch software also supports the management of the Alte Schmiede in the planning and calculation of larger events, both in the conference room with room for 90 people and in the holiday village in general. The hours worked can be easily and quickly allocated to projects in order to track how much effort an event has actually caused. These findings can then be used as a basis for calculating and organizing further events of a similar nature. For this year Georg Zönnchen is planning to purchase a second terminal for the new farm shop, which is to open in summer and in which the products from his own production will be marketed even more attractively.

Here the bread is still baked by hand in the stone oven.
As in auntie-emma loading from before.

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