Up in northern Germany, between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, surrounded by the picturesque Lauenburg lake landscape, lies the tranquil town of Kulpin. The situation couldn't be better for Dirk Sager, managing director of the boatbuilding company Sager. Here he has the possibility to look after his customers in the best possible way and directly on site.

Since customer satisfaction has always been a priority for the family business, Dirk Sager decided last year to use TimePunch Pro for time recording. He was particularly impressed by the added value that TimePunch offers beyond time recording. Since the introduction of the software, the company has been able to list every work step of its employees in a complete and comprehensible manner, thus creating transparency for its customers.

"More than just a craftsman's business" - Customer satisfaction is a priority

The company Bootsbau Sager sees itself not only as a family and craft business, but above all as a service provider. Among other things, the company focuses on the restoration, repair and storage of boats. Eight employees look after around 300 boats annually. In addition, the company stores around 150 boats in winter and makes them seaworthy again in time for the start of the shipping season in spring. Most of these boats are used for recreational purposes, but occasionally the employees also take care of job-related boats. Dirk Sager, who has been managing the company since 2010 in the second generation, is important in all this work, above all the satisfaction of his customers.

"We were sick of it!" - Desire for easy operation

Even before using TimePunch, Bootsbau Sager worked with various time recording devices. However, none of them was able to meet the internal requirements, which is why the company temporarily turned its back on time recording. Dirk Sager was particularly deterred by the additional work involved in getting used to the very extensive programs. The desire arose for easy operation of the software and personal support that could be contacted at any time in the event of problems. In 2015, TimePunch first came to the attention of the managing director, but remained critical for the time being. It was not until 2017 that the company finally decided to use TimePunch for time recording.

"Only as much as necessary" - TimePunch


Besides the easy handling of the time recording software and the support by a personal and fast support, further requirements were placed on TimePunch before the introduction. Above all, the software should be uncomplicated and clearly structured. Dirk Sager no longer wanted to spend his precious working time on filling out even the smallest parameters. It was important to him that the new program required less time than the previous ones. In addition, he attached great importance to the software not only recording the individual working times of his employees, but also assigning them to a specific project and customer. "Our customers like to have an accurate report on the working times and steps on their boat. It goes without saying that the customer should be able to see the project times as clearly as possible.

The order card is created by an individual report from TimePunch.

"TimePunch has tailored a software for me that meets my business needs"

Dirk Sager particularly appreciates TimePunch's personal contact to support, who provided him with advice even before the introduction of the software. In direct conversations, TimePunch was able to analyse Dirk Sager's wishes in detail and finally adapt the software to his wishes. Dirk Sager also sees the advantages of using TimePunch Pro in the desired ease of use:

You get a very good project report with just a few clicks, which records the necessary time expenditure from the beginning of the project to its end exactly. This ensures good traceability for the customer.

But not only the customer appreciates the transparency, which is guaranteed by TimePunch. For Dirk Sager, too, the use of TimePunch Pro has made it much easier to track the working hours of his employees. In addition to the start and end of work, break times are also recorded. At the end of the month, the data is only checked once again on a random basis and finally transmitted to the tax office. Valuable working time can thus be saved.

"The system is running very well" - User-friendly use and fast installation

Dirk Sager has gradually integrated TimePunch Pro into his company. Initially a bit sceptical, he used the software only for himself. Little by little he got used to the program. He extended the use to two employees. Today he is so convinced by TimePunch Pro that all employees record their working and project times via TimePunch.

My employees are very comfortable with using TimePunch, for them the changeover was easy.

In addition to two terminals, the company works with two desktops and one tablet. The terminals are mainly used to register the arrival and departure times. The computers are mainly used to enter project descriptions. The software and its user-friendly use convinced Dirk Sager. With TimePunch, he has changed his mind about time recording programs.

All boats are waiting for repair or are in the process of being repaired
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