You meet us in everyday life, whether on food or numerous other products - self-adhesive labels can be found everywhere. HP-Etikett has been producing these labels for 47 years in up to eight different colours. The company, which has been managed by Mr. and Mrs. Kölling since January 2014, is today based in Hitzhusen, near Bad Bramstedt in the far north of Germany.

The staff grew with the success of the company over the years. In order to save time and resources, it was essential to switch from internal to external payroll accounting. The renewal of the outdated time recording software was also necessary in order to maintain and simplify payroll accounting. In 2017, the management finally decided on TimePunch Pro. The interface to DATEV, which guarantees TimePunch, was particularly convincing.

A company in transition

When the Kölling family took over HP-Etikett 2014 from their predecessors, the married couple Pfannenschmidt - Hoop, it was clear that the company philosophy would not change. The company will continue to be run according to its proven and existing values. What has changed over time, however, is the size of the company. Mr. Kölling recognised that a switch to external payroll accounting was necessary in order to save important resources. In order to create an interface between HP-Etikett and the tax office, the latter required a DATEV interface, which above all facilitates accounting for the tax consultant. After the tax office had suggested several time recording systems, the Kölling family decided to use TimePunch Pro. It was the numerous evaluation options and the custom-made program that finally convinced the competition.

"Our wish was an up-to-date and flexible software."

Before the conversion to TimePunch, the company already worked with a French time recording software. The problem was that the program was not up to date. Among other things, there was no interface to DATEV, which is indispensable in times of economic expansion. The DATEV software is used to create monthly payroll accounts. By automating work processes, the software creates synergy potential between companies and tax consultants. Both sides benefit from outsourcing. TimePunch guarantees this interface, whereby HP-Etikett can also benefit from the advantages of costs and time savings.

The switch to a German time recording system should also ensure automatic adaptation to German guidelines. For example, TimePunch knows all German public holidays. These do not have to be entered manually.

The adaptability of the program is particularly important to me. (Mr. Kölling, Management)

Mr Kölling also wanted more flexibility within the programme. Since his employees also work shifts, it was important to him to use a time recording software in the future, which can also clearly document changing working times. TimePunch should simplify the evaluation of the data and create transparency.

"TimePunch adapted the software to our needs."

Mr. Lehmann, who is responsible for the administration of the program, also quickly recognized the advantages of TimePunch. Compared to its predecessor, the new software not only fulfills the desire for more flexibility. With the direct and personal contact to the customer support of TimePunch, it was possible to design the software according to one's own wishes. This made-to-measure production is very much appreciated by HP-Etikett. In addition to the numerous existing lists for evaluation, which for example include weekend working hours and holidays, HP-Etikett also created its own reports and integrated them into the software, which can thus be used directly.

The software leaves nothing to be desired by the management. (Mr. Lehmann, Customer Care)

The tax consultant also appreciates the transparency that is thus guaranteed and saves time and resources with TimePunch.

The label printers on HP labels never stand still.

"The installation of the software went without a hitch."

HP-Etikett used the personal contact to the customer support especially during the implementation of the new software. The company was advised and, in cooperation with TimePunch, created software that was tailored to their needs. Mr. Kölling also sees the possibility of personally contacting the support team at any time after integration as a great advantage.

HP-Etikett uses TimePunch today exclusively for the internal purposes of payroll accounting. Each employee has a chip card with which he registers his arrival and departure times at a permanently installed terminal at the company entrance. Right from the start, the software was used by all employees and received positively. They had no problems with the changeover.

The operation of the software is simple and self-explanatory. (Mr. Lehmann, Customer Care)

TimePunch also ensures fairness and transparency towards employees. At the beginning of each month, the employees receive an overview of their hours worked with the help of the software and check this individually before the data is passed on to the accounting department.

With the introduction of a new time recording software, HP-Etikett is already fulfilling the obligation demanded by the European Court of Justice to completely record the working hours of all employees.

HP-Etikett's new building looks like a northern German country house at first glance.

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